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Corporate Clients

Questions of core service.

On one level, our work mirrors that of all credible Employee Benefit providers in that it captures the design, installation, maintenance and communication of pension schemes and all related employee benefits on behalf of employers.

Questions around the adding of value

Where our work would differ from many of our peers however is in the emphasis we place on the employee experience. It’s our view that, though all non-salary benefits have an intrinsic worth, that worth is often undervalued (or indeed unnoticed) by staff. As such, whilst we believe that a typical employer spend on non-salary benefits always carries some level of utility, we also believe that much greater mileage can be gained in terms of employee satisfaction, by careful, targeted communication.

Question around being present

This, in our experience, is best done at the coal-face; in the place of work and face to face. Countless Employee Benefit surveys have shown that employees react favorably when there is human interaction which can help to explain and perhaps demystify some of the often complex detail of Employee Benefit provision. We therefore place emphasis on the provision of on- site service and as a result, our employers routinely report a greater sense of employee involvement in, understanding of and appreciation of their ‘softer’, non-salary benefits.

Questions about relationship and ownership

Unlike many of our larger (often global) competitors.  Charlotte Square Partners have a stable group of customer service staff who have combined experience of over 300 years in providing our clients with the kind of service we would want to receive ourselves.  We believe in owning the issues our customers have and we have built a reputation for delivering excellent and accountable service to businesses ranging from small/medium local companies to FTSE 100 companies.